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Offering a wide range of premium, eco-friendly insulation services, the experienced insulation installers at RJ Insulation can be quickly dispatched to most locations across the country.

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Why Choose RJ Insulation?

Sustainable Materials

Using only soft, safe, and sustainable alternatives to traditional insulation products, our installers are as well-equipped as they are trained, having been approved by Trading Standards. We are also members of the coveted Which? Trusted Trader scheme.

Accredited Installation Standards

Properties large and small have benefitted from the precise work of our accredited installers. Throughout the process, our friendly team will stay in touch to make sure that you’re absolutely satisfied with your selection.

Nationwide Coverage

RJ Insulation serves the entire UK through our network of local offices. No matter where you are located, you’re never far from a dedicated and professional team member. Our national reach combined with our local presence ensures that help is always close at hand.

RJ Insulation Installation Services

Insulation is the process of retaining heat within an enclosed space. Think of your house as a cooking pot. Keeping a ventilated lid on will keep all the flavour inside, while also allowing some air to breathe out to regulate the temperature and prevent overheating the food. Too much vapour escaping can create condensation, so it’s all about striking a good balance.

Loft Insulation Installation

The loft is one of the most important areas of the house to keep well-insulated for all seasons. At RJ Insulation, we take pride in our commitment to providing sustainable loft insulation – installing it with great care, precision, and to the exact standard specified by PAS2030:2019.

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Loft Storage Room Installation

Nobody wants to risk the long-term safety of their belongings – leaving them in a damp or poorly ventilated location is one way to ensure damage. Ensure their long-term protection with our brilliant storage room insulation service.

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Insulated Garden Room Installation

The UK’s leading insulation installers are bringing their expertise to your back garden. Our ultra-modern garden rooms are designed for comfort and built to last, installed in just one day.

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Insulation to Installation

Loft Storage Solutions

Poorly insulated storage spaces in a loft are not ideal for safekeeping your valuable belongings over time. If your storage solutions are left at the mercy of a cold and damp attic, the items inside could fall into disrepair, but not to worry, our experienced team can install one of our three storage solution options designed to keep your loft clean, dry and at a consistent room temperature – all carried out without any fuss!

Option 1

SuperFOIL Insulation and Boarding

Option 2

The above SuperFOIL package, but with additional internal plasterboard and a luxury vinyl floor, ready for your decoration

Option 3

All of the above, with a premium finish of handmade cupboards, VELUX windows, electrics and final decorations, all completed bespoke to your requirements

Sort Your Storage Problems

Eco-Friendly Insulation Materials

In today’s climate, we are all more conscious than ever about the impact we are having on the environment and how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Curbing your energy consumption is one of the best initial improvements to make, though you do not need to radically change your lifestyle – something as simple as fitting new, eco-friendly insulation can help a great deal.

Installing effective insulation can be a great way to regulate your home’s temperature, save you money on your energy bills, and help the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Once the insulation pads are laid down by a professional installer, they will keep your house warm in the winter and purify the air flow in summer. RJ Insulation’s installers are experienced in handling a number of insulation products, each specialised for different purposes. We take special pride in our commitment to supplying high-quality, eco-friendly materials to our customers.

Sheep Wool

Real, organic sheep wool is one of the most effective natural insulating materials. Sheep wool is hygroscopic, meaning it can reduce humidity levels throughout a household by easily absorbing large amounts of excess moisture and water vapour. If you have an older house with untreated timber frames, this trait can also reduce the risk of mould growth on wet wood.

  • Hygroscopic (moisture absorbent)
  • 100% organic
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Safe to handle
  • Ideal for older properties
  • Locally sourced from British sheep
  • Non-flammable
  • Treated against attacks by clothes moths
  • Suitable for: Lofts
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SupaSoft Recycled Plastic

Researching ways to reuse plastic waste has been a top priority of scientists for many years. Fortunately, among many other applications, recycled plastic makes for excellent insulation material. You will feel secure in the knowledge that you will not have to regularly replace our plastic insulation, which is remarkably fluffy, flexible and long-lasting. As a final bonus, our plastic insulation can, itself, be recycled!

  • Soft and safe to touch
  • No respiratory risks
  • Made of non-degradable recycled plastic
  • Clean and simple to install
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Vermin repellent
  • Melts rather than burns on contact with open flames
  • Suitable for: Lofts
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Foil is rapidly becoming the material of choice for insulating homes across the world. First seeing use aboard NASA spacecraft, affordable foil insulation is now endorsed by many countries as an essential installation for newer homes. While it may seem futuristic, foil insulation is clean and simple to install. 

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Lifetime Guarantee

Our Lifetime Insulation Guarantee

RJ Insulation’s eco-friendly and sustainable products all come with a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime is against the building itself, so as long as your home stands, your SupaSoft, SuperFOIL or Sheeps Wool insulation will be covered by our guarantee. Additionally, we offer a warranty backed by insurance from the IWA for a period of 5 years.

Benefits of Laying Insulation with the RJ Insulation Team

There are many pros to getting eco-friendly insulation fitted with the Which? Trusted Traders at RJ Insulation. All of our materials can be cleanly installed without making any mess or kicking up harmful fibres into the air.

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Do you have a project?

If you have an insulation fitting project that needs professional attention, make sure to get in touch with our team. Whether you have an installation, replacement or inspection in mind, we have the necessary expertise to help.

What Are the Telltale Signs of Poor Home Insulation?


Condensation Build-Up

With nowhere else for water vapour to escape to, you’ll find condensation regularly gathering on windows, sinks and walls. Our eco-friendly insulation materials can redirect and, in some cases, absorb excess moisture rising up through your home.


Chilly Draughts

Is a cold breeze constantly passing through your home, even during warmer weather? This may be caused by poor air circulation throughout your home and can be remedied by improving your loft insulation.


Pests Appearing

Poor insulation has a tendency to attract vermin, including moths, rodents, insects, and other parasites. They enjoy warm spaces and usually build nests in any gaps they find. Our sustainable insulation products do not attract pests and are durable enough to withstand their attempts to burrow through.


High Energy Bills

If you’re concerned about how much energy you are using while your bills keep rising higher, consider the amount of heat that is being lost to the outside world due to inadequate insulation. By retaining warmth inside your home, you will rely less on your heating systems, and your energy bills will subsequently decrease.


Different Temperatures Between Rooms

Always finding yourself stuck in a Christmas jumper in the kitchen, then switching to summer shorts when you move to the lounge? Noticeable temperature changes between different rooms or between upstairs and downstairs areas can be easily fixed with proper insulation!

Certified Insulation Installers

You may be wondering if our service is truly trustworthy. To assuage any concerns, several organisations have glowingly approved our service. RJ Insulation is a Which? Trusted Trader and Trading Standards Approved.

We were awarded a coveted PAS 2030:2019 accreditation for the installation of insulation, which also covers cross flow ventilation. Our installation team can also conform to PAS 2035:2019 regulations when we are required to do so.

In short, you can trust us for your insulation installation needs. Our friendly team always encourage you to make the most informed decisions about your preferred insulation through our online questionnaire.

Full list of organisations that we are members of, or have been approved by:

  • Which?
  • PAS
  • Trading Standards 
  • British Assessment Bureau
  • Qualitymark Protection
  • IWA Deposit and Guarantee Protection
  • ECMK
  • Elmhurst Energy
  • AECB
  • The Retrofit Academy

Case Studies

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Customer Testimonials

Both our previous customers and the accreditors at Which? have given us glowing feedback! We are very grateful to have been given so many well-earned 5-star reviews.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Upon your initial consultation with us, our team will arrange an ideal timeframe to come over to your property and begin the installation work. Depending on the scale of the project in question, insulation installation can take varying amounts of time, but we generally aim to complete most tasks within the realm of one to two days, though the vast majority will be completed within only one working day.

    True to our claims of nationwide coverage, our installation teams can travel vast distances to reach many locations across the UK. For practicality, we do try to stay within reasonable driving distance from Suffolk – as such, our only real limits for travel are the far western counties and islands disconnected from the mainland (i.e. Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, etc.), but we can possibly make exceptions if you discuss this with us during our initial consultation.

    At RJ Insulation, we make sure to use the longest-lasting insulation materials on the market. Our three main materials of choice – SupaSoft recycled plastic, SuperFOIL and Sheep Wool – all have extremely high longevity. SupaSoft, SuperFOIL and Sheep Wool are able to last a lifetime – not just yours, but your home’s as well.

    Loft insulation is generally considered to be the most effective way to lock in heat, save money on energy bills, improve home comfort, and reduce condensation – all of the most meaningful advantages of home insulation. Eco-friendly loft insulation materials are especially desirable for their sustainability and great performance.

    Yes, we have recently expanded our range of services to include the installation of internal wall insulation. Our team can fit insulated boarding onto your walls in whichever room you deem to need it most.