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Even when the weather is warm, conservatories deserve effective insulation, too! Bringing years of experience in home insulation installation to the table, our team can get to work on your conservatory according to your schedule, ensuring comfortable interior temperatures all year round.


At RJ Insulation, we prioritise efficiency, sustainability, and improving our customers’ quality of life. Using cutting-edge foil insulation, our installers will seal and protect your conservatory against the fickle Great British weather, rain or shine.

With our head office based in Ipswich, Suffolk, but we can come out to almost any location across the UK. When you call us, we’ll happily discuss matters like your location, the best times for our team to arrive, the needs of your conservatory, and more. Continue reading to discover more about conservatory insulation installation!

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SuperFOIL Conservatory Roof Insulation – The Basics

The material we use for conservatory insulation is SuperFOIL multifoil, which is also a solid option for loft insulation. SuperFOIL is highly versatile for many insulation purposes, having originally been used on NASA spacecraft.

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Benefits of Getting Your Conservatory Insulated with the RJ Insulation Team

As much as conservatories can brighten up our homes, they can be a burden when it comes to energy efficiency and maintenance. From heat loss, draughts, and uneven temperatures to damaging problems like condensation, sun bleaching, and vermin infestations, these popular home additions can have their share of downsides. Conservatories are responsible for most internal heat loss in homes throughout the UK, so a SuperFOIL insulation package can be an ideal solution to many of the unforeseen complications you may be facing.

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Our Lifetime Insulation Guarantee

RJ Insulation’s eco-friendly and sustainable products all come with a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime is against the building itself, so as long as your home stands, your SupaSoft, SuperFOIL, or Sheeps Wool loft insulation will be covered by our guarantee. Additionally, we offer a warranty backed by insurance from the IWA for a period of 5 years.

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Foil insulation works as a radiant barrier, reflecting heat from both the inside and outside world. Since conservatories are most exposed to solar radiation, it makes sense to fit them with one of our most heat-reflective insulation products, SuperFOIL.

When a radiant barrier is layered around a conservatory ceiling, it deflects solar radiation emanating from the Sun, which can damage interior decoration if the exposure is severely prolonged – an increasing problem as our summers have steadily grown hotter each passing year thanks to climate change.

Simultaneously, up to 95% of internal heat is circulated back down throughout the property during colder weather. Once completely covered with foil rolls and airtight plastic cladding, the conservatory ceiling will act as an all-purpose insulator and ventilation system, useful at all times of the year!

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Certified Conservatory Insulation Installers

You may be wondering if our service is truly trustworthy. To assuage any concerns, several organisations have glowingly approved our service. RJ Insulation is a Which? Trusted Trader and Trading Standards Approved.

We were awarded a coveted PAS 2030:2019 accreditation for the installation of insulation, which also covers cross flow ventilation. Our installation team can also conform to PAS 2035:2019 regulations when we are required to do so.

In short, you can trust us for your conservatory insulation installation needs. Our friendly team always encourage you to make the most informed decisions about your purchases.

Full list of organisations that we are members of, or have been approved by:

  • Which?
  • PAS
  • Trading Standards 
  • British Assessment Bureau
  • Qualitymark Protection
  • IWA Deposit and Guarantee Protection
  • ECMK
  • Elmhurst Energy
  • AECB
  • The Retrofit Academy

Customer Testimonials

Both our previous customers and the accreditors at Which? have given us glowing feedback! We are very grateful to have been given so many well-earned 5-star reviews.

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    Conservatory Insulation Installation FAQs

    Although conservatory insulation is a fully optional addition to your home, there are some building regulations to meet regarding the minimum amount that should be installed into the ceiling, as well as other rules and guidelines to ensure that the overall structure remains safe and secure. Most conservatories will need to have at least six layers of SuperFOIL multifoil insulation installed, with recommendations varying depending on the structure of the extension. To determine the exact needs of your property, give our expert insulation installers a call today or complete the contact form above; we’ll be happy to help kickstart your insulation installation project.

    Everyone loves to be able to bask and dine in the sunlight without actually having to sit outside, but the fact of the matter is that conservatories are not the most efficient home extensions when it comes to conserving energy. If you leave your heating running in winter, it’s likely that a large amount of the heat will pass straight through the thin windows and frames of a conservatory, or possibly form condensation. Conservatory insulation directly combats heat-leaking issues, alongside other conservatory downsides, from sun bleaching to pest infestation. For thousands of homeowners across the country, this targeted installation is more than worth it – offering a return on investment both financially, and through added comfort.

    If you have conservatory insulation already installed but feel it is inadequate in some way, you can call our team to fix or replace it! Some installations may have faulty airtight sealing, weakened plastic cladding, or any number of other small issues that can accumulate to hamper the absorption of heat. We advise that you do not attempt to make repairs yourself in case of further damage; leave it to our experienced professionals to iron out any issues you have with your conservatory insulation installation.

    When it comes to improving the overall energy efficiency of your home, foil conservatory insulation certainly does work wonders – reducing the amount of heat lost during winter by up to 95%. To further this, conservatory insulation also blocks out excess sunlight (keeping your belongings safe from the effects of sun bleaching) and seals gaps used by pests for entry – meaning it’s able to offer a financial ROI, whilst keeping you and your family physically comfortable.

    Ensuring the effectiveness of conservatory insulation is important since conservatories tend to be the source of most household energy wastage. It is as great an investment as any other form of home interior insulation.

    The best thing to do in this situation is call our team – we’ll arrive in no time to mend the source of the problem! There is always a slim possibility that our insulation installation may develop issues over time, though we pride ourselves on our overwhelmingly positive success rate and trust in our own experience to do a stellar job for every single customer.

    RJ Insulation Installation Services

    Internal Wall Insulation Installation

    Our qualified installers can place insulation boarding on your internal walls to give your home an extra layer of protection. Installing internal wall insulation can keep warmth inside your home in our temperamental British climate, reduce your carbon footprint, add value to your property, and give you greater peace of mind.

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    Storage Room Insulation Installation

    Nobody wants to risk the long-term safety of their belongings – leaving them in a damp or poorly ventilated location is one way to ensure damage. Ensure their long-term protection with our brilliant storage room insulation service.

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    Loft Insulation Installation

    The loft is one of the most important areas of the house to keep well-insulated for all seasons. At RJ Insulation, we take pride in our commitment to providing sustainable loft insulation – installing it with great care, precision, and to the exact standard specified by PAS2030:2019.

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