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Loft Storage Room Insulation Installers

When you convert your loft into a storage space, functional insulation is vital for the long-term protection of your valuables. Without it, they may become vulnerable to moisture erosion or vermin infestation.

Loft Storage Room

At RJ Insulation, we offer the ideal solution – making sure to work diligently around your schedule when you hire us to improve your storage space.

Call our loft storage room insulation installers to secure the future of your valuables! Although we are primarily based in Ipswich, we have the capacity to travel to most locales across the country. Let us know where you live during our initial consultation.

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What is the Goal of Storage Room Insulation and Boarding?

When the amount of valuables kept in a household starts to overspill, homeowners have to consider the possibility of either selling their old stuff or utilising other storage spaces. The garage is usually the first port of call, but in many ways, lofts are much safer places to keep your possessions. Whilst garages are more exposed to the elements, leading the items inside to become vulnerable to water or vermin damage, lofts are always in close proximity to the rest of the house, keeping items within easy reach.

With particular attention paid to how your items will fit in once the process is complete, our team will carefully measure the dimensions of your loft before beginning work on the insulation and boarding installation – crafting the perfect space. After all, the goal is to safely store your possessions – some items may never leave the inside of your loft for the best part of your lifetime. Luckily, the insulation materials we use are designed to last as long as a building is likely to stand.

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Loft Storage Room Options

Option 1

SuperFOIL Insulation and Boarding

Guaranteeing both an excellent finish and value for money, this basic package of SuperFOIL storage room insulation with boarding fixtures will ensure that your valuables remain in good condition all year round.

Option 2

Plasterboard and Vinyl Floor

Everything in Option 1, plus:

  • Additional Internal Plasterboard
  • Luxury Vinyl Floor

For those seeking an extra level of prestige, we offer a more advanced package of SuperFOIL insulation and boarding, boasting added extras including internal plasterboard and a luxury vinyl floor. All things considered, a great deal!

Option 3

Premium Bespoke Decorations

Everything in Option 2, plus:

  • Premium Finish of Bespoke Handmade Cupboards
  • VELUX Windows
  • Electrics
  • Final Decorations

The crème de la crème of our loft storage room insulation deal: SuperFOIL, boarding, internal plasterboard, vinyl flooring, handmade cupboards, VELUX windows, electrical wiring, and final decorations, all completed and installed bespoke to your requirements.

lifetime guarantee

Our lifetime insulation guarantee

RJ Insulation’s eco-friendly and sustainable products all come with a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime is against the building itself, so as long as your home stands, your SupaSoft, SuperFOIL, or Sheeps Wool loft insulation will be covered by our guarantee. Additionally, we offer a warranty backed by insurance from the IWA for a period of 5 years.

Benefits of Installing a Storage Room with the RJ Insulation Team

There are many advantages to bringing RJ Insulation on board for your insulated storage space installation:

Certified Loft Storage Insulation Installers

You may be wondering if our service is truly trustworthy. To assuage any concerns, several organisations have glowingly approved our service. RJ Insulation is a Which? Trusted Trader and Trading Standards Approved.

We were awarded a coveted PAS 2030:2019 accreditation for the installation of insulation, which also covers cross flow ventilation. Our installation team can also conform to PAS 2035:2019 regulations when we are required to do so.

In short, you can trust us for your storage insulation installation needs. Our friendly team always encourage you to make the most informed decisions about your preferred insulation through our online questionnaire.

Full list of organisations that we are members of, or have been approved by:

  • Which?
  • PAS
  • Trading Standards 
  • British Assessment Bureau
  • Qualitymark Protection
  • IWA Deposit and Guarantee Protection
  • ECMK
  • Elmhurst Energy
  • AECB
  • The Retrofit Academy

Customer Testimonials

Both our previous customers and the accreditors at Which? have given us glowing feedback! We are very grateful to have been given so many well-earned 5-star reviews.

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    Loft Storage Insulation Installation FAQs

    Building regulations require at least 250mm of insulation installed in a loft at any given time. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple types of insulation mixed together, so long as the overall amount equals this measurement. Loft storage conversions will need six layers of SuperFOIL insulation installed and boarded to meet the regulated requirements.

    Not as often as you might think. SuperFOIL has high longevity, so it will take decades to degrade. As such, you will not need to replace it on a tight schedule. Because foil insulation lasts such a long time, we offer life guarantees on its installation, so you can be assured of its continued effectiveness for decades to come.

    Loft storage solutions give you a safe place to keep your valuables. With insulation and boarding covering the surrounding rafters and joists, there will be plenty of space to store tools, appliances, books, DVDs, kids’ toys and many other items. To convert a loft space into a viable storage area, we clear everything out and apply the insulation with boarding to keep the room accessible.

    SuperFOIL is generally used for loft storage room conversions, since it is highly versatile and relatively unobtrusive. In terms of which areas of the home it can be installed into, multifoil is the most flexible material we offer – it can also be fitted into regular lofts, conservatories and internal walls. Furthermore, it’s great at maintaining consistent temperatures wherever it is installed.

    Our reasons for not building foil loft storage conversions for modern roofs built after the 1960s boils down to the ever-present issues of cost effectiveness and practicality. SuperFOIL can easily be applied to a single, expansive loft space, but installing it into a modern trussed roof is always much more difficult due to the timber frames in the way. Cutting the foil material and working around in this sort of space can lead to the time and costs ramping up considerably, which we understand is not convenient for the majority of our customers.

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    Loft Insulation Installation

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