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Insulated Garden Bars

Bring the pub home; transform your garden into a custom-built garden bar. Our fully insulated designs ensure year-round comfort, meaning you can enjoy your favourite drinks and good company no matter the weather.
Want a classic pub feel with a dartboard, bar stools, and good times on tap? Or perhaps a chic cocktail lounge is more your style? With our garden bars, you can create the perfect setting to unwind and entertain.

Enclosed Garden Bars and Pubs

Don’t settle for a makeshift garden bar that can’t withstand the elements or accommodate your guests. Embrace a space that’s built to last. Robust steel facing and quadcore insulation ensure year-round comfort, while double-glazed doors offer panoramic views of your surroundings. With clean lines and a modern look, your garden bar will be the new centrepiece of your property.

Choose a Garden Bar Style

The Snug

Micro Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.2m
  • Starting Price: £12,999 + VAT

The Studio

Mini Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 4.4m x 3.3m
  • Starting Price: £13,393 + VAT

The Lodge

Small Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 5.5m x 3.3m
  • Starting Price: £15,305 + VAT

The Lodge Plus

Medium Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 6.6m x 3.3m
  • Starting Price: £16,077 + VAT

The Retreat

Large Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 5.5m x 4.4m
  • Starting Price: £16,439 + VAT

The Retreat Plus

Extra-Large Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 6.6m x 4.4m
  • Starting Price: £16,722 + VAT

The Estate

XXL Garden Bar

  • Fully Insulated
  • Dimensions: 7.7m x 3.3m
  • Starting Price: £22,999 + VAT

Insulation to Installation

Fixtures and Fittings

Create a garden bar that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Start with our standard features – full
insulation, double-glazed doors, and recessed power outlets. Want to add your own flair?
From premium bifold doors to climate control, the options are endless.

Standard Inclusions

  • QuadCore Insulation (Roof, Wall, and Floor Panels)
  • Mains Connection Ready* (2x Power Outlets)
  • Standard Double French Doors
  • 2x Standard French Door Handles
  • Floor Boarding

Optional Add-Ons:

  • RADIX Ground Screw Foundation (see brochure to learn more)
  • 2x Premium Handles
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Finished Flooring
  • Additional Power Outlets
  • Internal Lighting
  • Premium Bifold Doors
  • External Lighting
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Why Choose an RJ Insulated Garden Bar?

Designed and installed by UK leaders in insulation and garden rooms, our bars and pubs offer a comfortable and inviting space to gather with friends and family, no matter the season.

Which? Approved Garden Bar Installer

You may be wondering if our service is truly trustworthy. To assuage any concerns, several TrustMark organisations have glowingly approved our service. RJ Insulation is a Which? Trusted Trader and Trading Standards Approved.

Full list of organisations that we are members of, or have been approved by:

  • Which?
  • PAS
  • Trading Standards 
  • British Assessment Bureau
  • Qualitymark Protection
  • IWA Deposit and Guarantee Protection
  • BBA
  • AECB
  • The Retrofit Academy

Our Process


Download a Free Brochure

Immerse yourself in the possibilities with detailed photos of our garden bar range,
finishes, fixtures, and fittings. Explore dimensions and starting prices to get your project planning underway.


Reach Out to Our Team

Have a vision in mind? Share it with us over the phone. We’ll gather essential details about your site and requirements and will be happy to make recommendations
aligned with your needs.


Virtual Site Survey

Immediately following your call, our team will use satellite imagery technology and your provided information to recommend the ideal garden bar type, size, and placement. We’ll even discuss foundation options if needed.


Get an Estimated Quotation

Receive a comprehensive and accurate estimated quotation of within a couple of hundred pounds, detailing your garden bar specifics, standard inclusions, additional work (if any), and a projected timeline.


Assessors Visit and Sign-Off

Once you’re happy with the quotation, give us the green light, and we’ll confirm a date for our Assessor to visit your home to undertake a RAMS (risk assessment and method statement), and confirm the price to the penny. Upon a signed completion of the paperwork and paid deposit, we’ll start the manufacturing process.


Manufacturing and Delivery

Your garden bar will be constructed using premium materials, including steel facing, QuadCore insulation, and double-glazed doors. Expect delivery within 4-6 weeks.


(Optional) Foundation Laying

Whilst you’re waiting for delivery, If needed, our team will efficiently install a durable timber-suspended base using ground screws, designed to support even the most demanding uses.


1-Day Install

Once your foundation is ready, our expert team will have your garden bar fully assembled and weatherproofed within a single day.



Enjoy! Your garden bar is ready for its grand opening. Install your choice of flooring, add your favorite bar stools and décor, and stock the shelves with your top tipples. Remember to have an electrician connect it to mains electricity if required!

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Customer and Which? Testimonials

Both our previous customers and the accreditors at Which? have given us glowing feedback! We are very grateful to have been given so many well-earned 5-star reviews.

Get Started with an RJ Garden Bar

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    Garden Bar FAQs

    Our garden bars are designed with permitted development in mind, so you usually won’t need planning permission. That’s the case for most houses, even in protected areas like conservation areas or areas of outstanding natural beauty.

    But, if you live in a flat or a listed building, the rules are different – you’ll always need planning permission.

    Our garden bars are designed to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Our starting prices, inclusive of VAT, are as follows:

    • The Snug: Micro Garden Bar, 3.3 x 2.2m, £17,146 inc. VAT
    • The Studio: Mini Garden Bar,  4.4m x 3.3m, £19,890 inc. VAT
    • The Lodge: Small Garden Bar, 5.5m x 3.3m,  £24,480 inc. VAT
    • The Lodge Plus: Medium Garden Bar, 6.6m x 3.3m, £26,350 inc. VAT
    • The Retreat: Large Garden Bar, 5.5m x 4.4m, £27,200.00 inc. VAT
    • The Retreat Plus: Extra Large Garden Bar, 6.6m x 4.4m, £27,880.00 inc. VAT
    • The Estate: XXL Garden Bar, 7.7m x 3.3m, £27,818 inc. VAT

    These prices provide a starting point. Your final cost will depend on your chosen finishes, fixtures, and any additional features or customisation. Contact our team for an estimated quotation today.

    It’s perfectly legal to have a bar in your garden in the UK and serve alcohol to friends and family. You don’t need a licence for personal consumption or private parties.

    However, if you plan to sell alcohol from your garden bar, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate licences from your local council. This involves acquiring both a premises licence and a personal licence, as per UK law.

    So, as long as you’re not running a commercial operation, feel free to enjoy your garden bar with friends and family without any legal concerns.

    The best size for your garden bar depends entirely on your needs and the space available in your garden.

    If you’re looking for a small spot fit to house a bar and a few guests, our Snug model (3.3m x 2.2m) offers a compact yet functional space, perfect for a few friends and a well-stocked bar.

    For those who love to entertain larger groups, our Lodge (5.5m x 3.3m) or Retreat (6.6m x 3.3m) models provide ample space for a full bar setup.

    If you have a spacious garden and ambitious plans for your bar, our Estate (6.6m x 4.4m) or Estate Plus (7.7m x 3.3m) models offer the largest footprint, allowing you to create a standout experience.

    A solid, level foundation is essential for your garden bar’s stability and longevity, and for safely installing electrical wiring. While you’re welcome to choose your own foundation installer, we highly recommend timber/ground screw based solutions.

    Ground screw foundations, such as the RADIX system, offer a range of benefits. They’re not only faster and easier to install than concrete, but also more environmentally friendly, requiring less excavation and producing significantly less carbon emissions. Ground screws are incredibly strong and durable, capable of supporting the weight of your garden bar and any additional features you choose to add.

    Plus, they’re versatile enough to be used on various terrain types, including slopes and uneven ground.

    Whether you choose our ground screw or opt for another provider, ensure your chosen foundation is suitable for the size and weight of your garden bar, as well as any electrical connections you plan to install.